Club Tournament 2016

The Club Tournament will be held at 11am on Saturday, 10th September.

Entries are welcomed for the singles and doubles competitions.

Please can you enter by contacting Phil Nash advise of which competition event, ie. singles / doubles, etc  and if entering the doubles it would be good to know who you intend to partner, otherwise the organisers will try to arrange a partner for you.

Entry fee of £2 per person per event.

Closing date for entries is Sunday 5th June

Any queries can be directed to Phil Nash or Sophie Stock

Stephen Wright takes on coaching

The Club has appointed Stephen Wright to take over the coaching.  Stephen is an experienced Level 4 Senior Performance Coach who has taken on the role following Tatiana’s move to a full time job in London.

Stephen intends to deliver fun, challenging and competitive coaching sessions.

He has one of his coaches called Celine to deliver coaching on Saturday mornings for junior members.

On Monday 6th June in the afternoons, he’ll run the popular ‘rusty rackets’ sessions and also be looking into continuing thereafter with coaching for juniors into early evening.

For further information or to discuss your requirements with Stephen he can be contacted on

07946 491 696